They’re here!!!

The Girls have landed! And I got us some sweet t-shirts! 😉


Arlene Blum was a member of the first all – woman Denali climb 45 years ago this month, and then went on to lead the first all – woman climb over 8000 meters, of Annapurna I. When they were fundraising for the climb they produced these *sweet* t-shirts to raise money, in the seventies.

They read: “A Woman’s Place is on Top.” 😉

I reached out to buy these shirts a week or two ago, and yesterday as I landed, my email came in and Arlene herself (easily the most deservedly famous woman mountaineer in America!) wrote a note wishing us a safe and successful climb!!

I had a total fangirl moment on the plane. Thanks Arlene!

Our friends Gil and Caitlin are driving us to Talkeetna after very kindly hosting (and feeding!) me last night – thanks guys!


Gil, zen master of car packing.


We brought allll the gear.

The whole crew:


We’re off to Talkeetna! Whoot!

Thoughts? Comments? Advice?

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