Packing and Random Stuff

A beautiful, warm and sunny day in Seattle.  I got my lawn mowed, had dinner with friends and packed, unpacked and repacked all my stuff for the 4th time.

Here’s a picture of my dog having a nap in the sun this afternoon while I’m packing (again):

photo 1

We’re at a steady-state on the gear.  I’ve cut all the tags out of things, gotten rid of all the unnecessary plastic bags and splurged on lighter stuff sacks.  So at this point the packing is revolving around trying to get everything into bags that weigh less than 50 lbs apiece.  This is a problem.

Here’s the 4th packing job in my living room:

photo 4

I see no way around packing for three different situations:

1. the big airplane to Anchorage (needs to have bags 50 lbs or less, plus a carry-on, plus a “purse”).

We will leave the stuff we’re not taking on the mountain with us (clean “city” clothes and shower stuff) in the “shed” in Talkeetna.

2. the small airplane to the glacier (needs to have light, fluffy stuff like sleeping bags pulled out, plus all sharps pulled off)

We will leave some stuff buried in the snow at “base camp” where the small plane will drop us off (2 days worth of food and fuel in case we get weathered in on our return).

3. hiking up the glacier.  this is when the ropes, harnesses, trekking poles, etc. and such will get pulled out of the luggage and put on to go! action suit time!

Here’s the rose that is blooming outside my kitchen window:

photo 2

So that’s a lot of packing and re-packing and we have more to go as we work our way up the mountain.  I guess I’m just getting in the practice now.

Here’s another cute picture of my dog that I took today (because he is so darn cute, I can’t help myself!):

photo 3

Thoughts? Comments? Advice?

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