Packing up food!

How much cheese is enough? Carolyn pointed out that in Eiger Dreams they traded half a block of cheese for Diamox. We can barter for lots of Diamox!! 🙂


We spent 9.5 hours on Saturday and 5 on Sunday packing up all our group food, settling on what to include and exclude from our First Aid and Repair kits, and practicing packing our packs and sleds (plus weighing them!) so that we will be able to make a quick and smooth transition from plane to glacier.

Thursday night we also had a prep meeting with our primary emergency contact (our friend Paul – thanks Paul!) talking through emergency scenarios and reviewing our protocol for what should happen if our Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) or SPOT distress signal go off. We’ll have more on this later this week, but it has been an epically busy week so far!

Today in Denali training: a massage at West Seattle Active Body (check! That was awesome), a last dinner on the dehydrator, climbing clothes that needed washing are in the dryer now, a stop at Kinkos over lunch to print additional maps, swinging by REI for odds and ends (a webbing buckle, energy gels) and Feathered Friends to pick up my rented sleeping bag after work. Then home to outfit a new sled (we have switched from Expedition to kiddie sleds -something we may or may not regret later), wax my BD Guide Gloves so they have time to dry (they’re brand new, and leather), and tying new chest and foot prusiks to fit over my huge big mountain boots and overboots. Oh, and 8 hours of focused work, on my actual job. Whew!

Thoughts? Comments? Advice?

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