Stove stuff

I just took apart Bree’s stove (she’s lending it to us for the trip). I cleaned it. I put it back together and made sure it still worked. And then I took it apart a second time and cleaned it again so that we don’t get in trouble on the airplane. I’m not usually good with these types of things. I’m feeling very clever and proud of myself today. Now, I just have to do it in my gloves.


5 thoughts on “Stove stuff

  1. The photo doesn’t show the cable out of the fuel tube. One can use the small hole in the wrench to grip the end of the cable and pull it out of the fuel tube inlet opening. Sometimes these get sooty. When re-installing it can take some effort to insert it back all the way; the loop adds friction.


    • Yes! I did take out the fuel cable line and it WAS tricky to get back in…. But I did it! Twice! Go me! 🙂 the little tool helps by a little grunting also helps too!


  2. Are you taking another stove body as a backup? I would assume you will have an extra pump and bottle. A repair kit is a must, but without a working stove you will be in a bad spot.


      • It sounds like you have that covered well. Not that they add a great amount of weight, but the fuel bottle cozies won’t really be needed. The coldest temps we incurred on our trip was -14 deg. This was later May during an open air bivy at 18K. I have used my MSR GK in -24 deg with no problems. The Coleman fuel (refined white gas) that the air services will provide is very clean and fresh, providing few stove issues.


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