The Denali Girls Have a Slumber Party!

but before you get too excited, there were no pillow fights or games of “truth or dare.”

Here was our agenda:

* Cut out two 40 Below Tent floors and duct tape the seams. We set up the tent in my living room.

* Create foam covers for our ice axes with leftover foam and duct tape so the cold of the metal doesn’t give us frostbite.

* Put really long zipper pulls on everything so that we can use zippers with heavy gloves

* Use Jenn’s extensive sticker collection to mark any identical items (cups, water bottles, etc) so we can tell who’s is who’s.

* Replace the leashes on our ice axes with webbing cord (mine, at least, was worn and using webbing gives us some full strength material to use).

* Dial in some food planing and hand out additional food planning related assignments (I’m in charge of the condiment kit, if anyone has some input).


We did have a great time, drank wine, ate take-out and talked about boys.  We had an extensive show-and-tell of our various underwear options (don’t get excited: it was all long underwear, or “baselayers” as climbers call them).   It was also just great to relax and enjoy some social time with my Girls.  We’ve been all business recently and we needed something different.

Thoughts? Comments? Advice?

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