Ya Gotta Eat Your Vegetables

I recently bought a food dehydrator to prepare fruits and vegetables I will be eating during our climb of Denali this spring. I can’t believe I waited so many years to get one! In a matter of hours I dehydrated all kinds of vegetables. Tonight I re-hyrdrated them as vegetable soup using the GSI Outdoors Fairshare Mug I plan to eat from during the climb. Delicious! An excellent appetizer and great for rehydrating after a long day in the cold!


The Fairshare mug is the perfect size to eat from (4-cups) and has a screw on lid to prevent spills. We’ve outfitted our mugs with the Forty Below Mug Boot (neoprene cozy) to keep our food extra hot.


My ingredients top to bottom: celery, asparagus, red bell peppers, and vegetable boullion. Add boiling water and 10 minutes later the soup is on!

Minor correction – we’ll be taking plastic spoons on our climb, not metal as shown in the photos.


3 thoughts on “Ya Gotta Eat Your Vegetables

    • Breakfast will mostly be individual “just add hot water” foods. I plan to eat a lot of oatmeal and granola for my breakfasts. Lunch and snacks will be cold foods with no cooking or hot water required. Dinner will be a mix of shared and individual meals.


  1. Other things that dry well for soups like that are onions, green onions, mushrooms, and spinach. When I dry corn and peas, I blanch them first, and it seems to help they rehydrate faster.

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