Tiger3 v1.5

Here’s an update on my previous post Night Hikes in the Rain with Heavy Pack.

Our team training has included weekly or bi-weekly after-work night hikes (carrying weighted packs) since early January. Our typical mid-week hike ascends the Cable Line trail (about 2,000′ of elevation gain) to the summit of West Tiger 3. Then we either return the way we came (steeper and faster), or descend the standard West Tiger 3 trail (longer and less steep). If it is raining pretty hard, I prefer to ascend and descend the West Tiger 3 trail, that way I can use my umbrella 🙂

Back in January we were carrying 30-lb packs. Since then we’ve been slowly increasing our load, not based on a strict time-table, but on how well-adapted we feel carrying the load. Right now Leigh Ann and I have been carrying about 45 lbs and Jenn 40 lbs. (Meredith will re-join us as soon as her sprained ankle is fully healed) This past Thursday, since it was not raining, we decided to raise the training standard in a different way. We hiked to the Cable Line Trail to the summit of West Tiger 3, dropped down 1,000′ and re-ascend to the summit. Tiger3 1.5 times. 3,000′ of efficient elevation gain with 40-45lb packs. Excellent training for a day on Denali!

Thoughts? Comments? Advice?

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