Sleds: I know so little

Some of Meredith’s fans in Kenya had a few sled questions.  Since I don’t know much myself about how this is going to go, I’ll answer the questions as best I can.

Will y’all take turns pulling it? Each girl will have her own sled.  That means that for our team, we will be taking four sleds.  Luckily, we don’t have to drag the sled the whole way.  Usually, climber’s only drag sleds to the camp at 14200 feet.  This is usually about day 10, weather depending.

Will it be powered/pulled by motor/dogs/etc? Sadly, “NO.”  We will attach the sleds to the backs of each of our backpacks.  100% woman powered.

What it looks like? Since I haven’t gotten mine rigged yet, I am going to attach some pictures stolen shamelessly from the internet:

What exactly will you guys carry in/on it? At times, each climber can have somewhere around 100 lbs of gear. Not all that gear will fit in our packs, because it’s a lot of gear!   At times, some of this gear will have to go in our sled and some in our backpacks. We have to haul food, fuel, camping, climbing and avalanche gear.

Along the way, we will “cache” gear (meaning we burry it 3 feet under the snow and mark it so we can find it later). We may “cache” gear that we don’t need right away and will pick up later (like extra food at Base Camp in case we can’t get an airplane out due to weather).  Sometimes we will do “double carries” meaning we haul some gear up high, “cache” the gear for later, and then walk back down to sleep in a lower camp.

Additional reading? Here’s some more…

Thoughts? Comments? Advice?

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