Where Sleds Go to Die

I don’t own a scale but the last time I checked, I weighed 104 lbs. So this is the big question: How am I going to haul 90 – 100 lbs of gear up Denali? I have no idea.

In theory, we have some gear on our backs and some gear we haul behind us in sleds. The sleds are attached to the climber for hauling and to the rope in case we or it falls into a crevase. I’ll let you know how this goes.

I think the sled becomes a love/hate relationship… probably mostly a hate relationship. Everyone I’ve asked if I could borrow their Denali sled has said they donated to the Mountaineers. That’s where you donate things you never want to see again. It would seem that the Mountaineers Program Center basement is where Denali sleds go to die.

Leigh Ann went and picked out some sleds from the basement for us the other night. So at least a couple will be resurrected.

The next thing we need to do is build “polks” for our sleds. These are the rigid pole things that keep the sleds from smacking us in the butt as we climb or descend. I’m not usually one to build stuff. We’ll see how this goes. Any engineer friends out there want to help with this?



Thoughts? Comments? Advice?

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